TLETL Executive



President – Karen Bratina

Vice-President – Michael Mayes-Stewart

2nd Vice-President – Kellie Kirkpatrick

Executive Members

Mike De Rose, Shawn Forth, Tammy Timmins, Sarah Warburton

A message from the President

Welcome to Trillium Lakelands and welcome to our organization. As an elementary teacher in the TLDSB, you are a statutory member of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Trillium Lakelands Elementary Teachers’ Local, or ETFO-TLETL.

The T.L.E.T.L. membership is just under 700 strong and it is the Local Executive’s responsibility to assist those Members both collectively and individually. First and foremost, we are Member-advocates – we deal with the employer on your behalf in collective matters such matters as contract bargaining and in individual matters such as professional and/or work site issues. We take these responsibilities very seriously, and we want you to know that we work for you.